Cant. Stop. Me.

Claudette. Texas. Crazy. Funny. Loud. Gangsta.

In my group of friends, I’m the photographer. I unfailingly have my camera and I’m sentimental to a fault, although I’ll deny it at every turn. I am indecisive and easily excitable. I’m a hugger. I love trees, dinosaurs, haircuts, and being outside. I’m loud. I mean, really, really loud. I hate you, but I love you so much.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with images, memories, and the passage of time. I am absolutely fascinated by the way some memories linger while others fade away. By the way memories can change over time and reveal different truths to the rememberer. The way an afternoon can seem to last an eternity, but slip away with a sigh. To me it’s beautiful and intensely terrifying.

Photos provide a visual history of a time and place past – that will always mesmerize and excite me. So, this year is an effort to preserve my personal history for one year. That’s what the Stop. Time. Project. is. To document a year of my life in my most favorite form, in the hopes I can better understand the elusive subjects of time and memory.



2 responses to “Cant. Stop. Me.

  1. Great idea! Delighted to follow.

  2. I love the line “I hate you, but I love you so much.” Something about that rings true. I also love you, keep up this awesome project and keep kicking ass.

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