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340. Saturday, May 1, 2010. Rozie Bug.

Matt. Blake. Rock Band. Tesha. Sick. Lauren. June Bug. Laugh. Comfortable.

224. Tuesday, January 5, 2010. Avatar.

Food. Early. IMAX. Elevator. Candy. Twizzlers. Forget ticket. Sick Tesha. Electric. Legs. Smile.

198. Thursday, December 10, 2009. Avan’s Birthday.

Sick. Late. Cold. Drag out. No drinks. Chill. Celebrate. Miles of Chocolate. Thankful. Work.

197. Wednesday, December 9, 2009. Birthday Invitation.

Cold. Sick. Work. Mom. Crazy. Friends. Happy. The Liberty. Party!

196. Tuesday, December 8, 2009. Sick Haircut.

Couch. Sleep. Cough. Jessie Mae. Family. Homie. Cut & color. Work. Exhausted. Crash.

195. Monday, December 7, 2009. Sick Films.

Tired. Cold. Work. Rest. Sleep.

136. Friday, October 9, 2009. Tree Blood.

Storm. Hurt Limb. Blocked in. Late. Jojo. Needles. Garage validation. Sick. Nap. Chainsaw. Little girl. Arthur’s Rice. True Blood.

135. Thursday, October 8, 2009. Hot Tea.

Tired. Spaghetti. Sore. DVR. Edit. Sick. Tea. Sleepy.

132. Monday, October 5, 2009. Bed.

Fantastic Fest. ACL. Feeling. Beat. Tired. Sick. Lazy. Post-festival. Daze. Sleep.

106. Wednesday, September 9, 2009. aGLIFF Intro.

Badges. Stephanie. Community Sponsor. Sissyboy. Andy. SXSW. Arthur. Sick. Tired. Throw up.