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when my thoughts drift to you.

when i started this project i was skeptical.

could i remember to take the photos?
would i have time to edit the videos? *
what would my friends think?
could i truly commit myself?

but i took the leap.

now i’m finishing this project.
i’m scared.
i’m sad.
i’m grateful.

for this journey of self-exploration.
for the trust and close relationships laid bare.
for the portraits of so many beautiful, loved friends and family members.
for the silhouette of myself in a life-photo still unclear.

realizing that my dearest friends have exposed themselves to and for me is humbling. it is to those friends that i feel the most gratitude, love and admiration.

without you, i am not me.

thank you.

claudette carole

special love, adoration and thanks to:

the many friends who have allowed themselves to be photographed by me.

my nannie, dixie carole for her strength and unending love.
for all the boat rides, fireworks, birthdays and patience.
for giving me the lake, the love of summer nights and cornbread dressing.
for listening to me, understanding me and teaching me to love my family.
for sharing her name and her texas with me.

my parents, bubba, sister-in-law, nieces and extended family for making me who i am, always having my back, and giving me unconditional love.

sarah “sarita” elisabeth ralph for being my sister soulmate, my best and most beautiful subject, and for loving me more no matter what.

jesse trussell for being my perpetual sounding board, constant supporter, and for the best existential conversations; for helping me start, continue, finish and understand this project.

matthew enea crawford for always listening to me, waiting on me and trusting me; for giving me tough love, more shit than i can handle, making me laugh and keeping me sane.

lindsey & johnny ashley for hours of entertainment, food, friendship and comforting conversation.

blakeney kammerdiener & tesha vandusen for giving me shelter, love and support no matter what.

jessica mae stuart & joshua james fulp for more than 20 years of laughter, fighting and fun; for sticking by me no matter how bratty, bossy or crazy i’ve been and helping make me the person i am today. FLP FOR LIFE.

arthur carroll reyna, III for magnesium-burning lightning-in-a-bottle love and for giving me einstein’s dreams.

stephanie noone, rebecca feferman, nicholas palmer robinson, janet pierson, jarod neece and everyone else who backed and encouraged me without fail.

* obviously, while i am finished capturing this project, i have not yet completed it. i am currently in the process of editing the remaining videos and regret that my intense work commitments prevented me from completing them in a timely manner. thankfully, a project about memory and the understanding and interpretation of time means it kind of works. look for additional videos to be added throughout the summer and fall.

324. Thursday, April 15, 2010. Crazy Burger.

Morning IMAX. Hubble 3D. Counter Cafe. Fef. Steph. Work. Move. Sarah. Val. Cereal. No milk. Midnight. Loon.

245. Tuesday, January 26, 2010. Adios Sundance.

Tired. Lerman. Freezing. Guestbook. Programming. Shuttle. New friends. Secret emails. Sunset flight. Home.

240. Thursday, January 21, 2010. Sundance Bound.

Pack. Late. Bag overweight. Coat. Flight. Salt Lake. Mountain. Excited. Condo. Starving. Grocery Store. IFC Party. Snow beer.

189. Tuesday, December 1, 2009. Trivia Kitty.

Hoarder. Central. Lost soup. Crazy. Crawford. Mushroom. Gumption Junction. Pizza. Polaris. 3rd Place. Winners. Dinosaurs. Fake phone. Sword lipgloss. Handcuffs.

167. Monday, November 9, 2009. Triumph.

ASL. Yell. Signs. Fef. Scream. Swingers. Team. Family. Good game. Win. North Division Champions. Hoarse. Mashed potatoes.

154. Wednesday, October 27, 2009. Team Spirit.

ASL. Signs. Fef. Olde English. No paint. Fancy. Chips and salsa. Porch. Icing. Boobs. Fun.

120. Wednesday, September 23, 2009. Southern Style Birthday.

Crawford. Hoover’s. Chicken fried chicken. Regret. Pie. Barfly’s. Lone Star. Lang. Mrs. Johnson’s. Kolache. Epic. Love.

98. Tuesday, September 1, 2009. WIN.

Longbranch. Lindsey. Guitar class. Alternative Softball League (ASL). Fef. Yelling. Slide. “OUR” team. Screaming. Good game.

94. Friday, August 28, 2009. New Season.

Costco. Party. Pizza. Ice. Name Tags. Photos. Excited. Happy. Birthday. Friends.