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248. Friday, January 29, 2010. Straight Up.

Work. Shorts. The Parlor. Pizza. Beer. Creep. Candidate. Barfly’s. Make up. Pass out.

225. Wednesday, January 6, 2010. Music Videos.

Pizza Nazi. 5-disc. 5-hour. Joe. Crawford. Stephanie. Lamar. Paint job. Homemade. Cold. Dorks. Happy.

220. Friday, January 1, 2010. New Year’s Day.

Tired. Lazy. Hunger. Thai. Easy listening. Friends. Beatles. Rock Band. Black eyed peas. Cookies. Pizza. Luck. Happy.

189. Tuesday, December 1, 2009. Trivia Kitty.

Hoarder. Central. Lost soup. Crazy. Crawford. Mushroom. Gumption Junction. Pizza. Polaris. 3rd Place. Winners. Dinosaurs. Fake phone. Sword lipgloss. Handcuffs.

168. Tuesday, November 10, 2009. Sneak Attack.

Pizza. Stephanie. Films. Screening. Elwood. Creep. Tired. Can’t sleep.

137. Saturday, October 10, 2009. Guerrilla meets Savannah.

Dogs. New House. Yard. John. Lindsey. Ashley’s. Friends. Favorite. Clock. Pizza. Craisins. Creeps. Fun.

128. Thursday, October 1, 2009. Heat Lightnin’.

Special. Transaction. Salvation Pizza. Amy. Stacey. Crawford. Val. Arthur. Loud. Fantastic Fest. Chaos Reigns. Daybreakers. Blood shots. Broken glass. Laugh.

127. Wednesday, September 30, 2009. Stingray Stacey.

Panel Picker. Birthday. Love. Red House. Pizza. Crawford. Sneak. Laugh. Leotard. No Fantastic. Edit. Home. Chill. Happy.

124. Sunday, September 27, 2009. Alamaholics.

Curra’s. Weird waiter. Potato? Theater sitting. Nickname. Alamo Drafthouse. Pizza. House of the Devil. Michael Jackson. Dance. Lindsey. John Ashley. Roger. Tsou. Hand kisses.

102. Saturday, September 5, 2009. Kickoff.

University of Texas. Football. Opener. RJ. Late. Arthur. Pizza. Cereal. Poncho. Capitol.