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Wednesday, August 11, 2010. Texas Thunderstorm.

Humid. Rain. Childhood. Memories. Home. Heat. Sweat. Bad drivers. Flooding.

226. Thursday, January 7, 2010. National Championship.

Longhorns. Hook ’em. Colt. Hurt. Bad calls. Garrett. Fight. Lose. Depressed. Ugh.

200. Saturday, December 12, 2009. Bad Lieutenant.

Steph. Biscuits and gravy. Shorts. Tired. Ritz. Louis. Longbranch. Wedding party. Anxious. Insomnia. Crash.

178. Friday, November 20, 2009. Spooky Crown.

DJ. Anchor. Bad reader. Burger and fries. Rain. Walk or drive. Weird seats. No photos. Zone out. Global warming. One note. Not dynamic. Can’t sleep.

115. Friday, September 18, 2009. Law Boat.

Los Altos. Off early. Arthur. Bad DJ. Gazebo. Parents married. Ian. Liz. Queso. Weird. Fit in. Bats. Bridge. Skyline. Bathroom.